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Elvira's Australia Adventure

Day Three

Thursday, June 4, 2009

(sorry these blog posting are extremely out of order)

We wake up around 7:30 which is actually the latest we ever woke up so far. We (Lulu, Sophia Laura, and I) took showers and all when down to have yummy breakfast with everyone (2 others schools). Then around 8:30 we got on our private tour bus and headed to Healesville Santuary. Healesville Santuary is a zoo which has lots of native Australian animals. Then we went to see all the day creatures including a Spotter Python and baby sugar gliders. We also went to see the night creatures which we feed and then headed to the “hospital” at the zoo. Then we met up with a vet and saw a kangaroo autopsy which was the grossest thing I have ever seen but it was surprisingly really cool and educational. After that I definitely want to work on the whole vegetarian thing. After that we went to go see a bird show which was really awesome. When we headed back to our hotel. Then we went to a local market called Queen Victoria market. We walked around and eat the BEST doughnuts EVER! They were perfect with really good jelly in them. I would totally bring they back to American but before we can go back and get more they were closed. Anyways, then we went to see if their uggs were cheaper but they weren't :( ha ha, I also got a sweatshirt with an Australian flag on it :). Souvenir shopping is horrible because I don't know what to get my sister :(. After the Queen Victoria market we went back to our hotel and did our laundry. Then we went to dinner and had a conference with our whole traveling group. There is a lot of internet problem so I dont know when I will go on Skype of anything. After the conference we went back to our room and start packing for Alice Springs. Finally we went to sleep around 10 pm after another amazing day in Australia

Blog 4

Monday, June 1, 2009

Our day started out around 5 in the morning! Our group of 4 students including Lulu, Sophie, and Laura went down to get a quick breakfast just before we start heading to the airport for our flight to Alice Springs. The airport went by smoothly as always but we were bummed that it was rainy weather at Alice Springs but it didn't stop as from sleeping outside "under the stars". We slept in a place called Ooranminna homestead where we slept under a cover in swags. Swags are a type of sleeping bag used by the early pioneers when first exploring central part of Australia. Then we had lunch and learned how to crack a whip which was totally awesome but I got hurt a lot ha ha. After that we went around a campfire and listened to an educational speech about our solar system and different galaxies. We learned that in 2031, the astronomers think that a comet might actually struck earth. Too bad we couldn't see the star for our self due to the heavy amount of clouds. Then it was night time so we all went around a fire and laid out our swags. That was the end for another amazing day in Australia!

Blog Day 6

Today we woke up super early so we can go see the beautiful sunrise at Uluru rock! When we got there it was freezing and then I started missing LA because its probably really warm there. After the amazing sunrise we went for a closer look at Uluru. Our bus driver knows a lot about Uluru so he has been talking about Uluru and giving us really cool facts about the magnificent rock. For example, we learned that where Uluru stand it used to be an ocean so the rock has lots of salt deposit in it. We even went up to touch Uluru but we did not climb it because it is offensive to the Aboriginal people. We went to see a watering hole and ancient drawing.

Essential Programs Details

Duration 14 days
When May 25th - June 7th, 2009
Focus Marine Biology
Aboriginal Culture