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Blog Day 6

Monday, June 1, 2009

Today we woke up super early so we can go see the beautiful sunrise at Uluru rock! When we got there it was freezing and then I started missing LA because its probably really warm there. After the amazing sunrise we went for a closer look at Uluru. Our bus driver knows a lot about Uluru so he has been talking about Uluru and giving us really cool facts about the magnificent rock. For example, we learned that where Uluru stand it used to be an ocean so the rock has lots of salt deposit in it. We even went up to touch Uluru but we did not climb it because it is offensive to the Aboriginal people. We went to see a watering hole and ancient drawing.


MimiTech said...

Hi, I am a technology resource teacher from Virginia. I am fascinated by your adventures! I would LOVE to see the sunrise at Uluru! It is interesting that there are salt deposits in it, too. How big is it?

Susan said...

You have had a busy 10 days over in Austrailia. Hope you found something for your sister when shopping in Townsville yesterday. Good thing the trip took you to a warmer part of the country.
Thanks for blogging and tweeting during the trip and sharing your thoughts, I have enjoyed reading all your posts.
Mrs. Jensen's mom

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